Today the Moon is in Scorpio inviting us to engage in some profound reflections, especially as she gets cozy with Mars and Jupiter while engaging with Neptune too.

It’s an invitation to journey deep and bring some treasures to the surface.

Alternatively, it’s also an excellent time to do some healing work around old traumas, buried emotions and shake your body, using movement for healing.

Deep tissue massage – bring it on!
Cathartic, therapeutic work – get it done!
Engaging with herbal medicine – choose your plant wisely.

In my own spiritual practice, I’ve been practicing with journeying and taking notes on what I’m learning. It’s been an illuminating and healing journey for me. But that’s a topic for another post or podcast down the line.

Today I wanted to really focus on inviting you to reflect on how astrology – as a methodology of life – can help you.

What is the birth chart? Is it a roadmap for life? Or even better, this diagram of our soul vibrational signature.

How about engaging with your birth chart in a conversation? What about looking at it as if the planets and their configuration are your life board members, guides, and directors?

The chart isn’t static, much less set in stone.

It’s a frequency, resonance, vibrational tool to help you navigate your own self-discovery while serving as a methodology for living out an aligned life – aligned with your purpose.

Let’s release the powerlessness around it, and engage with it in a conversation.

If you don’t have your chart, then book a session. Learn its gifts and tools.

If you already have your birth chart, and you are comfortable with its symbolic language, find ways to have a more embodied experience of its archetypes. Become more proficient in its language.

The birth chart isn’t the only tool, but it’s an invaluable tool not just for self-discovery, but as a methodology for living a full wheel life.

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