The Moon is waning in the sky, journeying through Scorpio and dancing cheek-to-cheek with Jupiter. While Sun, Mercury, and Venus breathe in the spacious air of Aquarius.

The mood is both ‘big vision’ and yet deeply emotional, a challenging combo for the more detached-idea-minded Aquarius vibe.

But this combo affords us a unique opportunity to embrace emotional insight without enmeshment and attachment.

Plus a waning Moon is apropos if detachment is what you are looking for in these next several days until we welcome the New Moon/Solar Eclipse (more on that later in my next podcast episode.)

So as we swim these emotionally charged Scorpio waters, let’s welcome Aquarius’ gift of detachment and objectivity.

Today I also wanted to share with you an experience I had last week during the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon that is still reverberating inside of me.

I was traveling to visit my mom, and she showed me this stash of old travel journals I had from when I first went backpacking through Europe 20 years ago!

Talk about a blast from the past and a welcome dive into my own story, since I no longer keep such detailed journals as I did then.

As I read those journals, I was shocked to see how much I had both forgotten, but also how much of those memories had morphed and changed within me.

Memory is a fickle mistress! But she’s also the cosmic wormhole that takes us to different parts of our lives.

Since rereading those journals, I’m of two minds:

– One part of me wants to take those entries and write a fictionalized novel out of those experiences.

– The other part of me is still digesting the insights I took from rereading what was up for me in my early 20s. Some of the themes I wrote there are what I’m developing now in my work: SOVEREIGNTY OF SELF.

Good to see that the seeds were there and that I’m now tending to them in my work in the world.

So this last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the waning moon’s beam illuminating my face through my window blinds.

I woke up with the question:


As the question danced in my mind, one aspect was highlighted.

When it comes to countries that become independent, their sovereignty needs to be recognized by other sovereign countries.

It’s not enough to just say you are independent and go about your business. You need to be witnessed and accepted in your sovereignty.

So how do we get to that point of recognition? Within ourselves and with others?

These are questions I will be exploring in my upcoming course: RECLAIMING OUR SOVEREIGNTY with Astrology, where I’ll be weaving astrology and myth in exploring this topic.

Sign up here:

The course starts on February 15th!

Until then… what is coming up for you from the depths of memory for you to look at it and either release it or transmute?