Looking to illuminate your journey? I can help.

My mentoring sessions and reports weave archetypal astrology, depth psychology and storytelling to help you become more fully who you are.

I believe we are all journeying towards becoming more fully who we are.

It’s a journey towards claiming all spokes of our life’s wheel, so that we may move through the world rooted in a deeper understanding of our true selves, instead of all wonky and disconnected.

Our journey is about bringing forth our FULL SELVES into the world – reclaiming our unlived lives.

It’s about claiming a FULL WHEEL LIFE – via our way of being (connected to our natural rhythms), our work in the world (soulful livelihood), and our creative output (the gifts we share with the world).

I’m the YOUR MENTOR and GUIDE at the THRESHOLD – this liminal space of transformation.

I help my clients gain a better understanding of their developmental rhythm and cycle, their creative flow (creativity here in the sense of what they gift to the world), and an understanding how to find the medicine, their gift to the world within their pain.

The intention I bring to our journey together is about helping you recognize who you are deep inside;  what is aligned with your natural rhythms; and how your gifts could or already show up in the world.

Our journey together is about digging deeper to find the inner gold inherent in your life’s journey while gaining insight and a broader perspective on your patterns and cycles.

It’s all about developing a more in-depth conversation with what is revealing itself to you as clues along the way.

In our journey together, which is guided by the marriage of archetypal astrology and depth psychology, I’m here to help you pivot towards mindset shifts that help you make grounded changes in your life. It’s about helping you engage with the known and unknown parts of yourself – thus helping you claim all the spokes of your life’s wheel.

In essence, our work together is about giving you VALIDATION, PERSPECTIVE, and thus more CONFIDENCE for you to move through the liminal spaces of your journey.

Which journey shall we take together? 

Liminal Session

Mapping your Inner Landscape

During this RECORDED REPORT we journey uncover the main themes of your birth chart, your growing edges and how to best make use of the energies of now to help you on your journey forward.

This is a great report for when you need a new perspective, clarity and action steps to help you forward on your journey.

This is an insightful report if this is your first time exploring the landscape of your Birth Chart from a psychological and mythic perspective.


Mapping your Inner Landscape package includes:

  • A short pre-session questionnaire to help us both get prepared.
  • This is 60-minute RECORDED REPORT.
  • Your Birth Chart and any other relevant materials and/or recommendations.

Temenos Art

Bringing your Birth Chart Mandala to Life

A computer generated birth chart may give lots of information, but none of the poetry of a hand-drawn Birth Chart Mandala.

That’s the difference that art and the power of colors have. It takes your Birth Chart from a navigational tool to a symbolic mandala that reflects your life’s vibrant energy.

This is an excellent package when you want a personalized art piece that is aligned with your soul’s story as represented by your Birth Chart. It’s also a unique gift for a loved one.


The Temenos Art package includes:

  • Complimentary 45 minute RECORDED REPORT to go over the central themes of the birth chart.
  • Domestic shipping fees (US ONLY) – First Class USPS.
    (International orders are charged separately for shipping.)
  • An original art piece that is 14 in. X 17 inches of your Birth Chart Mandala.

Diving Deeper Sessions

A more in-depth conversation and exploration of where you are on your life’s journey

Diving Deeper is a LIVE 3-session bundle where we will journey together to explore in more depth relevant themes in your life, especially around your soul’s purpose, and career (your livelihood).

During threshold moments in our lives, it’s helpful to look for guidance that helps you bring forth all the spokes of your life’s wheel.

It’s about a broader conversation with what life is presenting to you as clues on the path ahead. Often the way towards healing (to become whole) is revealed in the questions that are knocking on your door.

During these LIVE 3-sessions, archetypal astrology and depth psychology will be our guiding tools along the way.


The Diving Deeper package includes:

  • A pre-session questionnaire to help both of us get prepared.
  • Three (3) 60-minute live sessions via Zoom.
  • A recording of our sessions.
  • A copy of your Birth Chart and other relevant materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation or rescheduling policy?

Any cancellation or rescheduling needs to be done with a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Because of availability and preparation time required for each session, I can only accommodate rescheduling ONCE. If there’s a need for more, please let me know as soon as possible.

There’s a no refund cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment without rescheduling, there is no refund.

What is the refund policy?

All sessions have a no refund policy.

Please see Refund Policy (please link it to this part of the document) of the Terms of Use.

How should I prepare for our session?

Once you sign up for a session, you will receive a questionnaire. Answering the questionnaire is already a way for your psyche to prepare for our session.

But on the day of the session, please be sure you can find a quiet spot where you will have the necessary privacy and ability to focus on our time together.

This is your time and our session is focused on helping you. So it’s important that you carve out the time and the location where you will be most comfortable and able to receive the information.

The session has a lot of information that is both given consciously, but there’s also a lot of unconscious elements that will be happening. These will help further insights percolate after our time together.

Thus once you create a good container to receive this, you will be able to have a more positive session.

Please avoid coming to our session while driving, being in a public place, or where you are doing something else while we talk. Your focus and ability to receive is just as key and important, as the information and help I’ll bring to our encounter.

Also be sure you are in a place that has good wifi. Since our session are via Zoom, it’s important to have good internet connection to avoid interruptions, disconnection and missed information.

How can make the best of the RECORDED REPORT?

If you have purchased the RECORDED REPORT, you will get much out of it.

The files will be sent via WeTransfer, and you have five days to download it. After that, the files will be DELETED. If that happens, please let me know. I can resend it to you once more.

When listening to your RECORDED REPORT, be sure to be in a place where you won’t be interrupted. Carve out some time to take notes and sit with the information.

Listen to it as many time as you want. It’s often very productive and insightful to listen to it once, and then a couple of weeks later. Often further insights will percolate.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me. As part of the package, you have 2 follow up emails for you to ask questions.

What happens AFTER I pay and schedule my appointment?

After you pay via PayPal and schedule your appointment, you will receive an email confirming your appointment.

In that email, there are a few pre-session questions that will help both of us prepare for our session.

Once you complete those questions, please email them to me at info@vanessacouto.com. Your answers are necessary for me to prepare for our session(s).

Are the sessions recorded?

The sessions are recorded and you will receive your recording in MP3 format via email. If you prefer not to have your session recorded, please let me at the start of the session.

Is our session confidential?

The sessions are confidential. But please be aware of where you save the recording of our session. Once I send you the recording of our session, the responsibility of keeping that in a safe place is yours.

Are the sessions done via Zoom? Can I have my session via phone?

My LIVE sessions are done via Zoom.

We can either use video or just voice – that’s up to you.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with a link to Zoom for our call. If you can’t use Zoom for whatever reason, please let me know, and we can find a way to accommodate you with a phone session.

But Zoom has a better quality of sound than a phone session, plus I can share the screen, which is handy when going over your birth chart.

If you can’t use Zoom, we can also try Skype too. But I don’t do phone sessions.

I don’t have my exact time of birth. What do I do?

It’s very important to have the exact time of birth. If you can’t find it, or you are unsure (example: ‘My birth time was between 4pm and 5pm.”) please let me know by dropping me a line via the contact form or via email to info@vanessacouto.com.

Also, please be certain of the birth time you give me.

If you make a mistake about your birth time and only let me know AFTER our scheduled session, I will have to charge the full price for the corrected reading of your chart.

The same goes is you give me the correct time of your birth JUST BEFORE our scheduled session. It takes preparation time, and if you give me the corrected time just before we jump into our session call, I will not have time to go over it again.

So it’s very important to be sure you are giving me the exact time of birth and location.

If you don’t have your birth time AT ALL, we can work with a NOON chart, where we can see the position of the planets and their main aspects, but not the astrological houses. This type of session also helps us the overarching themes, but it’s doesn’t have the fine tuning that a chart with an exact time gives us.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.

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