You know when you wake up early with a phrase swirling through your mind?

Today was one of those days, and the inquiry in question is the cornerstone of the Arthurian Romance and the Quest for the Holy Grail.

“Whom does the Grail serve?”

This is a question that the hero Percival fails to ask the wounded king, and it sets him back several years on his quest for the Holy Grail – the legendary and life-giving instrument of healing.

For our modern days, another way we can ask this question is:

What does this serve?
Whom does it serve?
How does it serve?

While we are much more accustomed to What? When? How? And Why?

Perhaps we should add the Grail inspired questions too.

Let’s weave in some astrology to shed some light on what is unfolding in our zeitgeist.

For 2 1/2 years, we had Saturn in Sagittarius calling us to pay attention to what was truth and what was false.

During these years, everyone got up on their soapbox and started to proclaim their truths.

It felt liberating. It felt passionate. It felt confusing.

Now that Saturn is journeying through his home turf of Capricorn, truth can’t just be for the sake of itself. It needs to serve a purpose, a goal, and an objective.

Plus it needs to have a solid foundation and structure.

Add that we are so collectively tired of spin doctors and fog making machines, that anything that doesn’t really ‘serve’ a more significant objective isn’t going to pass muster – compliments of 2 1/2 years of Saturn trimming the fat as it journeys through Capricorn.

Soapboxes now need a purpose other than just proclamation.


The Moon is now in Sagittarius cozying up to Mars, the Sun’s warrior and executioner, also in the sign of the Centaur.

The mood may be expansive and in need of speaking and sharing one’s truth.

(Just be mindful that one’s truth isn’t necessarily better than another’s truth. This isn’t a pastry war where I can say my baklava the best in the world. There are many baklavas in the world, and they all hold a kernel of truth within them.)

Sun, Mercury, and Venus are still in Aquarius, where it’s effortless to be enamored of the ideal image of something, but forget how messy human emotions can be.

This is where Aquarius and the Grail can meet.

Aquarius as a sign is linked to ideal and even utopian philosophies, but it gets quickly mired in the messiness of human emotions and imperfections.

Remember, Uranus (for the Greek’s Ouranos), ruler of Aquarius was the Greek God that buried his ‘ugly children’ back in the belly of his wife Gaia because he didn’t want to see them. He was displeased with their hideousness.

So before we cast our stones at others, let’s ask the Grail question:

What and whom does it serve?
Why are we doing what we are doing?

When Percival finally asks the question he should have asked all those years earlier at the start of his quest for the Holy Grail, the enchantment was finally broken.

So let’s be more proactive and pose this question to any of the endeavors we are investing our ideas, ideal and imagination into.