The Road Ahead

Understanding Your Inner Landscape for 2018

2017 is wrapping up, and this is a great time to do the year in review, but also the year ahead reflection.

Every new year brings with it excitement, but also a desire to finally do what we’ve been dreaming about for quite some time. A new year is a blank page where we can rewrite our stories.

When planets move into different signs and elements, we are collectively called to – there’s no better way to say it – grow up. 2018 will push our flexibility buttons because it is a year of RECLAIMING OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

The Focus of this Session 

First is to take a look at the big picture of how the planetary archetypes will interact with your birth chart. One thing is to look at the composite image, but what matters is how we individually do this dance. During this session will look at how the vast planetary cycles will call you to do your work, share your voice and create.

Second, we will focus on the emotional ebb and flow. In this case, we will focus on the Moon and her transitions in your chart. The Moon’s shift into different signs and areas of your chart illuminates where you need change and tending (think an upgrade on your self-care). This part of the session is focused on the Moon and the fluctuations she brings to your life.

What to expect

This session is not about predicting the future.

This is a session to help you see the big picture of your inner landscape and how you can best make use of the planetary dance to have a meaning-filled 2018.

There’s a Pre-Session Questionnaire when you book your session, that will also help us focus on what is utmost in your mind.

Explore critical areas of opportunity for growth.


Understand how the Moon can help your creative flow and self-care.


Know vital lunar dates and Mercury Retrograde – as reflected in your birth chart.

This session includes

  • A pre-session questionnaire to help both of us get prepared.
  • A 60-minute live session via Zoom.
  • A recording of our session emailed to you.
  • A copy of your Birth Chart and any other relevant materials or recommendations.

Price: $185

The Bundle

Only know your Sun sign? Not a clue what is your Moon sign, Ascendant, and all the other planets?

Then this is for you – the Liminal Session + Welcome 2018 = The BUNDLE.

What is included?

Two sessions – one to cover what is offered in the Liminal Session (click here to find out more), and the second session to cover the Welcome 2018 session.


All this for: $315