The Deep Dive

The Deep Dive

Astro wisdom to light the threshold crossing

In life there are many thresholds that we cross.

There are the daily thresholds we cross from home to work, from professional to personal, from friend to family. At each moment in the day, we go from one of the many things we are in the world, into another part of our selves.

Then there are thresholds in life that are more like a journey, a pilgrimage even, with many unknowns, surprises, and different milestones along the way. For these times in life, I prefer to call them liminal spaces.

These liminal spaces invite us into a bigger heroic journey of leaving the ‘known world’, and embarking into the ‘unknown’.

Even when it’s a change that we have called into our lives, like a new job, a move to a new city, a new relationship or what have you, it’s still a liminal space and it has its own ebb and flow as to what it will ask us to transform within ourselves as we move through it.

When we are crossing a big threshold, we want the straightforward answers because even though change can be exciting, it also stretches us beyond our comfort zone.

This is where I come in to serve as a guide and mentor to journey with you through this new territory.

As we traverse this liminal space together, we will be exploring further your inner landscape and gaining a better understanding of your own developmental cycles. It is in your life’s story and its themes that lies the clue to what wants to be birthed.

This knowledge allows us to move forth through the unknowns of this liminal space with more clarity and confidence in ourselves.

During our work together, we will weave in many of the elements that I have used to navigate my own thresholds:

Astrology – as it shows us the milestones and posts along the way.

Depth Psychology – my approach to astrology is deeply rooted in my background in counseling psychology and the works of C.G. Jung and others.

Dreamwork – here we get to explore what your dreams (night or day dreams) are saying about your journey.

Art – here we engage with the process of undergoing change by bringing into dialogue your own unique creative gifts. (Don’t worry, I won’t make you draw or paint if that isn’t your thing.) But keep in mind that art and creativity is a gift we all possess in some shape or form. Sometimes what we need to remember these gifts.

Our first meeting is the discovery session. This is where we will delineate how we will prepare for this journey, and also learn the lay of the land, by exploring in more depth your Birth Chart.

The ninth and last session is for us to celebrate our journey together, and do deeper check-in as to what possibilities are calling you forth. In between sessions, you will communicate via email to check-in and for support.

Reach out if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you!



(or three payments of $650)

This package includes:

  • A short pre-session questionnaire to help us both get prepared.
  • Nine (9) 60-minute live sessions via Zoom.
  • A recording of our sessions.
  • A copy of your Birth Chart and other materials.