Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

An astrological and mythological journey by the Light of the Moon


Starting on February 15, 2018

2018 is a year for us to reclaim our sovereignty.

In this course, we aim to explore the theme of sovereignty through archetypal astrology and mythology.

This course is an exploration of the planetary shifts that will be taking place in 2018, a deeper understanding of the Moon’s cycles, the characters and stories that surround the Goddess of Sovereignty, and how this is playing out in our own lives.

Together we will explore in more depth the planetary archetypes with the focus on understanding how we can best engage with these energies.


Our entry point 

Our journey will follow the Moon’s phases (and its corresponding archetypes). The goal will be to explore the lunar rhythms to deepen our connection with our own rhythms. In learning about the Moon, her phases, and archetypes, we also learn to see her connection to our own sovereignty – how we get to be the ruler of our own creative flow.

We will focus on the planetary archetypes, but especially Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to help us get a better understanding of the zeitgeist in which we are living. 2017 and 2018 are years of poignant planetary shifts that truly illuminate opportunities in our times, both individually and collectively.

The mythological part will come via the feminine archetypes from the Arthurian Romances, as well as Greek and Celtic goddesses. Through the symbols inherent in their stories, we will be looking at how these old myths/stories can serve to guide us through understanding our own relationship with sovereignty in our lives.


This course is an exploratory journey weaving themes around the Moon, her phases, the planetary dance, sovereignty, the different faces of the feminine in mythology, and archetypal astrology.

When planets move into different signs, especially the slower moving planets, there’s a significant shift in the zeitgeist. The goal of this course is to invite each one to see the connections that are arising from our collective consciousness via movements like the Women’s March, #metoo, and our political, ecological, the crisis of meaning, and one’s path.

I hope that you will walk away from this course having a better understanding of the connection between the lunar cycles, the planetary shifts, as well as how mythology can serve as a doorway for a more in-depth exploration of how these topics unfold in your own life. This course is to serve as a bridge between looking at the broader picture and connect to how this gets played out in your personal life.

What to expect

This course will cover basic astrological concepts such as lunar phases and their meanings, as well as some fundamental concepts of the planets and the signs.

If you have some knowledge of astrology that will be beneficial. If you are a real beginner, don’t worry, as we will be covering the fundamental concepts that will help along the way.

Via our weekly video calls, we will be discussing the content (recorded live Zoom calls). We will also extend the conversation via a private Facebook Group.

There will also be Q&As in the Facebook Group.

When will this journey take place?

This is a 9-week journey and here are the dates and times: 

Start on February 15 (Thursday) at 11:00 am* (Pacific Time)**

Week 2 – February 22 

Week 3 – March 1 

Week 4 – March 8

Week 5 – March 15

Week 6 – March 22

Week 7 – March 29

Week 8 – April 5 

Week 9 – April 12 (Closing)

*All live calls will take place at 11:00 am (Pacific Time)
**(Check here to see what time it is in your neck of the cosmic woods.)

This course includes

  • Nine (9) weeks of 60-minute recorded live presentations.
  • Recordings of each of the presentations sent to you via email.
  • A private Facebook Group for sharing insights and continue the discussion on the topics presented.
  • Q&As in the Facebook Group.

Price: $297