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My art is inspired by my love of astrology and colorful patterns. As astrology is a symbolic language, I wanted to create products that would express this multi-layered language in different formats.

Because of my love of coloring and drawing, I created The Astrology of Joy coloring books. These books are both an invitation for meditative coloring, but also for learning this wonderful symbolic language.

The phone case mandalas are inspired from my coloring books. The Gemini in me loves a beautiful phone case and that’s how my inspiration to create my own came into being. Why not have a phone case that has it’s intrinsic message in its art?

The Astrology of Joy
Sun’s Heroic Journey


Joy of Aries


Aries comes to teach us about assertiveness and standing up for our desires.
Now we move from negotiation to action.
Conversation time is over.
It is time to get things moving.

Joy of Taurus


Taurus is about the pleasure and nourishment of being
at home in our own environment and in ourselves.
It is about making our
desires take shape in the physical world.

Joy of Gemini


Gemini’s gift is to teach us how to connect our mind and heart.
In essence Gemini is about connection:
It’s hunger for communication is just another
way to build connection.

Joy of Cancer


Cancer teaches us to connect with
our own desire for belonging, but to help others feel that they belong too.
Cancer invites us to nourish our emotional
need for family and clan.

Joy of Leo


Leo rules the heart.
It speaks to your desire to fully express who we are, with JOY.
Its language is generosity through our creativity.
It’s the part in us that needs to be seen.

Joy of Virgo


Virgo’s gift to us is about practical analysis.
It’s not enough to just analyze data, but
to use it to effect practical
changes in our lives: to make the world better than we found it.

Joy of Libra


Libra is here to teach us how to navigate the realm of relationships.
It teaches us how to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.
Libra teaches us to build bridges, not walls.

Joy of Scorpio


Scorpio beckons us to go deeper beneath the surface,
to the core of what matters.
Scorpio is here to teach us to connect deeply with our  desires.

Joy of Sagittarius


Sagittarius is here to call us to our own hero’s journey,
beckoning us to answer to our own life’s quest.
It speaks to that part in us that envisions the future,
the grand vision we carry within us.

Joy of Capricorn


Building a legacy is the driving engine of Capricorn’s ambition.
But the lesson they learn in climbing their mountains is that at the heart of it all,
is their desire and need to feel a part of something.

Joy of Aquarius


Aquarius teaches us about the power of our mindset towards life.
The thoughts and ideas we keep shape our worldview and our place in it.
Aquarius awakens us with  insights that will birth changes in our lives.

Joy of Pisces


Pisces reconnects us with the joys of daydreaming,
play, fantasy and dreams.
With Pisces, we are invited to connect to our flights of fancy, our
fantasies and dreams. It’s imagination breaking through our routine.

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