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Evolutionary Astrology Zoom Meeting Presentation

Looking for career and
business insight?

In this Evolutionary Astrology Zoom Meeting presentation I discuss how our birth chart has a lot to say about our purpose, career and even input around our business – specially if you are a solopreneur and the face of your business.

The Guides at our Creative Crossroads

Evolutionary Astrology Zoom Meeting Presentation

Mercury and Venus

In this Evolutionary Astrology Presentation the focus is on Venus and Mercury’s guidance and relevancy in our lives when we are traversing our own liminal spaces. We explore their mythology, how we can honor and be aware of these guides in our own lives.

The Moon and Your Emotions

A Liminal Talks Presentation

The Moon and our Inner Emotional Landscape

In this talk/presentation we will be exploring the symbolism of the Moon and what she has to say about our emotional life.

The Moon speaks to what we NEED, what NURTURES and NOURISHES our BODY and SOUL. Plus, the Moon has much to say about OUR RELATIONSHIP NEEDS and style of expressing affection. As we learn more about our own inner Moon, we reconnect with our own natural rhythm.

Get comfortable with a cup of tea and enjoy the presentation.

How the Lunar Phases Influence Our Lives

A Liminal Talks Presentation

Understand the changing
face of the moon…

In this talk/presentation we will go beyond the NEW and FULL Moons We will explore in depth the symbolism of the Eight-Fold Cycle of the Lunar Phases.

When you understand how the lunar cycle and her phases work, you can best align yourself with the rhythms of the month, which not only improves your productivity, it also helps align yourself with your own natural rhythm.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy the presentation.

The Mask We Wear –
The Ascendant

A Liminal Talks Presentation

The way we show up in the world reveals how we approach life

On this Liminal Talk we will go beyond your Sun Sign.

We will learn about one of the most important elements of your Birth Chart: The Ascendant.

In this talk we will focus on understanding the relevance of the Ascendant in how we approach life and how others perceive us.

We will cover its significance, how to best work with it, and most importantly how to best understand this integral element of our astrological make up.

Grab a copy of your birth, sit back and enjoy the presentation.



Journey Through the
Astrological Houses

An Introduction

“When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets…”

Remember that song by The 5th Dimension: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in? Right on the first line they are talking about Astrological Houses, a concept that gets many people confused.

In this video presentation, we journey through the Astrological Houses. We visit each of the 12 houses and reveal how the astrological houses are a model for our own development in life.

If you have a copy of your birth chart at hand, sit back and enjoy the presentation. So next time, you hear an astrology report talking about Mars in the First House, or Mercury in the Sixth House, you will have a better grasp as to what that means.

Zodiac Medallions

An artistic rendering of the Zodiac Symbols

Your own Sun Sign reflects the core theme of your own heroic journey, but all the other signs bring in fresh lessons and tools for you to tap into along the way, during the unfolding of the year.
Thus, I invite you to also explore the core themes of each of the other Sun Signs.


The Path of

Deep inside Aries is a warrior driven towards action and dedicated to their ideals.


The Path of

Taurus’ life motto is slow and steady, with enough time to enjoy the sensual pleasures in life.


The Path of

Gemini’s strength is their flexibility to adapt to practically any situation, connect people, ideas, and concepts.


The Path of

Cancer’s secret weapon is their imaginative ability to perceive the emotional depths of others past their protective shell.


The Path of
Self Expression

Leo’s greatest gift is their ability to inspire others to find their own confidence, vitality, and sense of self.


The Path of

Virgo’s hidden treasure is their ability to make a discerning connection between the material world and the world of ideas.


The Path of

Libra’s essential concern is in finding harmony between life’s polarities and bringing people together.


The Path of

Scorpio’s inner drive is to delve into the hidden areas of life and seek out its secrets.


The Path of

Sagittarius craves emotional space and freedom to develop a sense of themselves, and their place in the universe.


The Path of

Capricorn’s ambition is to be able to say to the world, “I did it, I built that.”


The Path of

Aquarius use their visionary imagination to gain different perspectives.


The Path of

Pisces feel the interconnectedness in all of life through their imagination, intuition, and empathy.

The Modalities

How each sign expresses itself

Modalities reveal the way a sign will tend to act in life. Planets placed in these modalities will tend to act in a way described by the modality’s particular quality.


The Energy of Action

Cardinal comes from the Latin word for hinge, and it’s through the four signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn that the zodiac hinges. It’s energy symbolizes initial creation and the making of new beginnings.


The Energy of Perseverance

The Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius arrive at the height of each of the four seasons. Fixed energy sustains what has already been created via stability and perseverance.


The Energy of Change

The Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces coincide with the seasonal changes. Mutable energy is focused on transformation of what has already been created.

The Elements

Each sign’s vital force

Together with the Modalities, the Elements are the other building blocks of the birth chart. Each element reveals how each sign perceives and processes life’s stimuli. Knowing the balance of the Elements in your birth chart, helps you understand your primary approach to life, and how you naturally express yourself in the world.



Approaching life with Enthusiasm

Fire signifies will and its ability to project itself in life, rather than wait for things to happen. Those with strong Fire in their charts tend to be more active rather than contemplative.



Approaching life with Practicality

Those with strong Earth in their charts are more concerned with the physical and practical matters of life. In essence, their main motivation is to make manifest in the physical world that which they have envisioned in their minds.



Approaching life via Connection

The combination of objective vision of life and practicality of applied ideas are the main strengths of those with strong Air in their charts. Although they can get lost in the world of ideas and avoid practical and emotional matters.



Approaching life via Emotions

Those with strong Water in their charts are more comfortable in the world of the non-linear, non-rational modes of thought. Water helps us to gain insight into our feeling world, and gives us the ability to better understand ourselves and others.

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