Nothing short of a genius

Vanessa is nothing short of a genius. Her ability to weave astrology with story is completely enthralling. I left our session with so many answers, so many clicks. You will be holding onto every word Vanessa says, she’s that good. Thankfully, my session was recorded!

Alexis Saloutos

Founder of Chakredy

A smart gal’s guide to the universe

As a seeker and indulger in all things mystically magical I have enjoyed many “healings” “treatments” and “readings” in my time, but Vanessa’s gift rings with an unparalleled quality that no other session I have ever experienced has. Her work blends astrology with a deep knowledge of archetypes, art, sacred geometry, mythology and psychology. Vanessa is is like the smart gal’s guide to life and the universe – only even that doesn’t say enough about her unique skills. Man, woman, mystic or muggle, working with Vanessa will give you the clarity and understanding of your own divine innate qualities that restores confidence, joy and meaning to the journey. I feel like Vanessa handed me the “Operations Manual” to myself that I wish I had received decades ago. I cannot recommend her *work* highly enough.

Lindsay Pera

CEO & Chief Mystic, The Mystic’s Society

Like having a soul mentor

Working with Vanessa is like having access to soul mentor on your earthly life’s journey. She is part teacher, mentor, counsellor, wise woman and overall midwife in her ability to guide you through the major thresholds that show up as beginning, endings and all the in between places in life.

I love Vanessa’s ability to make sense of my birth chart and her perspective of using it as a road map in my journey through life.  She has that ability to see the larger picture of the planets and their place in the universe, as well as zoom into the the very intricate details of life and help me make connections at the micro and macro levels.

Conversations with Vanessa always leave me feeling nurtured and balanced. I love her common sense approach to helping me see the larger vision for my life while providing me with useful insights for attending to the current details that need my attention.

Vanessa’s wisdom and intuitive guidance is a gift that needs to be experienced by everyone who wants to move through life with grace and ease. This is what happens on any journey when you know the map and the markers to look for.

I am grateful to have Vanessa in my life.

Pramilda Zackariyas

Life Purpose Coach / Speaker / Inner Bling Ignitor

I now believe more in myself

What a wonderful and eye opening and great insight and affirmation how it is indeed all ‘In the stars’.

I loved Vanessa’s calmness and professionalism and how clearly she explained it all.

What was of value to me were the affirmations and thoughts I had and not sure whether I was going into the right direction. I now know I am and thanks to Vanessa’s reading I now believe more in myself and have less self-limiting believes.

I am more than happy to recommend Vanessa’s services and have already done so since we spoke. I would describe your service as a very relaxing, totally enjoyable experience which gives a great insight to who I am, my talents and the wonderful opportunities ahead and I know I will be using Vanessa’s services again in the near future. I’m so inspired and energised.

Abby Wilkes


I learned so much

I absolutely loved my session with Vanessa. She shed light on some lifelong themes and also got really specific about the upcoming year. Her use of imagery and symbolism made it easy to digest and understand the information she shared.

Sarah Love Hanna McCoy


Grounded and yet deeply intuitive

Working with Vanessa was a delight! She read my chart for the coming year and it was so spot on and affirming! It was like sitting through a screening of the past movie of my life and then seeing the highlight reel for next year’s coming attractions. So exciting! Plus, I love her style; so knowledgeable, grounded and yet deeply intuitive and connected to higher realms of inspiration and knowing. She translates the esoteric facets of astrology into easily understood, valuable and practical action steps for living. Highly recommend!

Karolyn McKinley

Psychotherapist and Coach

My gratitude is infinite

Vanessa’s ability to unravel my personal truths through a birth chart reading was magical. It’s ‘truths’ in the plural because, as she puts it, there’s a light and shadow in everything. Now I feel a deeper appreciation and courage to take her insights and apply them in practical ways to live my life on a deeper and even more joyous level. The gratitude I feel for Vanessa is infinite.

Rebecca Villarreal

Author, The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon

I am grateful for new perspective

As a spiritual mentor doing business online, I gained immense insight from Vanessa’s expert session. Her unique blend of astrology, mythology and psychology formed a composite picture that I can work with for a very long time. Though I was familiar with my chart, she thoroughly explained the meaning of the positions of the planets in a new light. As well, her emphasis on the moon phases was something I had never heard of before. I am grateful not only for a new perspective on my strengths and weaknesses but also how best to achieve the flow of ease in life and business by working with various aspects of my chart.

This is a “must do” experience!

Molly Knight Forde

Spiritual Mentor and Transformational Coach

Like having a soul mentor

Working with Vanessa really helped me focus on where to go next with my business, and gave me some deep ah-ha moments about how my past experiences are playing out in the present. Vanessa has a huge talent for weaving complex information into a beautiful and easy to grasp pattern. She truly is a genius at astrology work. After my session I felt super excited for the future, because now I know which areas of my life and business I need to focus my energy on, and where I can stop wasting time. Astrology is such a must-have tool for sacred entrepreneurs and Vanessa is a master.

Allison Carr

Writer & Healer

Communication with empathy and clarity

I love the way that Vanessa reads charts. She is very supportive and offers solutions to resolve the difficult patches and is not only an excellent astrologer but in many ways a teacher and guide through the karmic patterns of this lifetime. Vanessa is very wise and communicates with empathy and clarity. I also appreciate her handouts and the way she follow ups, she is very professional.Vanessa’s session reminded me to trust my intuition as well as provided direction for how to move through some areas where I’d become a little lost and stuck. I deeply appreciate the road map and directions she’s given me for the current phase I’m in and will certainly work with her again. With deep gratitude.

Trish Alexander

Yoga Teacher

High value in a short time

Vanessa’s sessions are not only interesting and fun, but they are also extremely informative in a practical sense. She has deep knowledge of astrology and yet she was able to describe my charts in a way that I could both understand and apply to my own [needs]. By the end of my session with Vanessa, I had several insights into ways that I could improve my own creative and work processes. She even recommended an App that is helping me continue to learn about my own patterns in work and love.

If you are looking for a new perspective on a challenge or situation that you want to shift, Vanessa can give you high value in a short amount of time. It was a true pleasure to spend an hour with Vanessa and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Nikki Lussier

Graphic Designer

Validated for me that I am aligned

Vanessa’s insight into my business from an astrological perspective was spot on. I was floored at how accurate she was. She used my birth chart to describe me, my ideal clients, and my marketing and validated for me that I am aligned in how I prefer to do business. She even told me the reasons clients are attracted to me – just by looking at my chart and applying her immense knowledge. I work with a number of astrologers, but Vanessa’s approach was so unique and gave me such insight into my business. It was very affirming and put me at ease that I’m on the right track.

Lisa Fraley

Legal Coach & Attorney for Entrepreneurs