Everyone wants to save the world – but leave your ego behind

As we journey through the liminal space of Eclipse Season, we are invited to release some old ideas (and ideals) that will no longer serve us on the journey. In this episode, we explore the polarity of Leo and Aquarius, creativity and the shadow dance of hero and martyr.
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Tasting the Timeless – A Conversation with Adam Sommer

This episode is a rich conversation with astrologer Adam Sommer about a myriad of topics: flow states, mythic imagination, liminality and how do we surf the creative wave? Visit his website:www.holestoheavens.com/
For more information on my Sovereignty course, click here

Sovereignty and Liminality – New Moon in Capricorn

In today’s episode, we explore the meaning of liminality and the link between Capricorn and sovereignty. We also explore the true meaning of ‘hag’, and how it is linked to Capricorn.

The Elegance of Mastery – Saturn comes home to Capricorn

Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn, its home turf sets the tone for the next three years, both individually and collective. It’s a time for mastery, due diligence, focus, priority and to embrace Saturn as our master teacher. There’s elegance in Saturn’s way of pruning and weeding out that which no longer serves. This is a time for us to step back, take stock and focus on practical ways of climbing the mountain before us.

The Power of Grief to Lead Us Towards Joy

“Grief is itself a medicine.” – John Cowper. During the ‘season of Scorpio’ and its new moon, we are invited to journey through the hidden corners of our soul in preparation for the new life we want to envision. As we journey through the realm of Scorpio, we have the opportunity to engage in deep conversation with our own grief, and in doing so, find the joy that we so desire.

Lady Sovereignty beckons all of us via #metoo

In this episode on the Libra New Moon, I explore the Grail Quest story of Lady Kundry as one of the representations of Lady Sovereignty. I also explore the connection between the Goddess of the Land, Libra’s lessons in justice and relationship, with the latest sexual scandals that play the part of yet another set of alarm bells to awaken us up from our cultural stupor. www.vanessacouto.com/jupiter-in-scorpio/

Intersection Interview on Being an Empath with Laura Rowe

You are supposed to be different, not to assimilate to society as it is. This is the core take-away from my interview with Laura Rowe, teacher, healer and mentor for empaths. In this conversation we cover a slew of topics around being empath in our society: common issues, tools available, and how to thrive with this gift. For more information on Laura Rowe go to: thevitalspirit.net.

Love as the Catalyst for Action – Venus & Mars come together

The planetary archetypes and their dance serve as developmental reminders of our own transformative journey. The union of the principles of Yang/Mars and Yin/Venus on this Full Moon in Aries illuminate this question in our own lives: “Where is love in this ____?” “How does this love inspire me to take action?

Intersection Interview on the Alchemy of Visibility with Paulette Rees-Denis

In this month’s Intersection Interview, I talk to Transformational Life Coach and Movement Motivator Paulette Rees-Denis (www.paulettereesdenis.com) on the Alchemy of Visibility in business and in life.

Tending to our Inner Well Against the Wasteland – Virgo New Moon

This New Moon in Virgo teaches us to tend to our own inner wells, our containers that receive spirit, imaginative inklings and that will ultimately help us move away from the Wasteland.

Guiding Dreams – Pisces Full Moon

Dreams and journeying have been our guides for eons. This Full Moon in Pisces is yet another invitation for us to ask for guidance through our dreams. Also explored in this episode is what we can learn from Virgo’s discerning gifts. The story explored to illustrate this powerful Full Moon is Ellen of the Ways.

Intersection Interview Series with Annemiek van Helsdingen

In this inaugural Intersection Interview Series, we talk to Annemiek van Helsdingen, the founder of the Academy of Soul-Based Coaching and the Temple of Soulful Life. She teaches her students to Hold Space and make profound personal change possible for clients. Her website ishttp://www.academyforsoulbasedcoaching.com/

The Edge of the World & Here be Dragons – Leo Solar Eclipse

Collectively we are navigating interesting times where we are being called to examine our own shadows. In this podcast episode, I explore the symbolism of the Solar Eclipse in Leo, heralded as the Great American Eclipse, as a collective opportunity for us to do our shadow work with our own inner dragon. Inner work is also political.

Nourishing Solitude to Navigate the Great Fire

August is a month of the Great Bonfire of Vanities – a time for us to ‘burn’ what no longer serves us, while making room for the new. In this podcast, we talk about the Full Moon in Aquarius as a time for us to reset our internal equalizer, so that we are more grounded in our true selves, and not swept away by the Great Fires of August. This is a time for nourishing solitude. 

Bonfire of Vanities – New Moon in Leo

Welcome to the Leo Season, and this fiery new moon kicking off the eclipse season too. With Leo we are called to our own bonfire of all that is empty of true and heartfelt value to us. This season we are reminded to be more fully who we, while avoiding the quicksand traps of hubris and missing the mark in our ambitions.

Grief as a path to joy – Interview with Donna Helete

In this special podcast episode, I interview Donna Helete, a regenerative grief coach. Donna’s work teaches us that grief is a path to joy. In this episode we talk about the different types of grief, and what we can do to help ourselves and others when journeying through the landscape of grief. To find out more about Donna’s work: www.donnahelete.com 

Spinning and weaving with the Fates

In this episode, we explore the juxtaposition of weaving, spinning and the question of fate. We also explore the symbology of weaving/spinning as a lunar activity. The bigger question of this Full Moon in Capricorn is how do we weave our intentions with the Fates? 

The Alchemy of Grief

As we celebrate the Solstice and our annual New Moon in Cancer, we are called to reflect on the place of ‘saudade’, and of grief as the trickster that guides us towards embracing a life fully lived. In this episode we talk about the 5 types of grief, and the alchemical stages that transform us, as we journey through the landscape of grief in our lives.

Truth as the Arrow – Full Moon in Sagittarius

In this episode we explore the concept of Truth through the lens of two tales: Emperor’s New Clothes and Fatima the Spinner. Two powerful lens around truth, the glamour of lies, and life as our ultimate big picture guru.

Alchemy of Envy – Interview with Lindsay Pera

In this episode, I interview Lindsay Pera, Intuitive Strategist and Founder of the Mystics Society on the Alchemy of Envy. This interview was inspired from my previous podcast episode where I talked about Snow White and the issue of Envy in our lives. Lindsay Pera brings a unique perspective on the place that Envy has in our lives, and in our heroic journey as women entrepreneurs. For more information on Lindsay Pera go to: www.mysticssociety.com

Of Doppelgangers, Inner Twin and Shadow on this New Moon in Gemini

In this episode we explore the story of Castor and Pollux, and Gilgamesh and Enkidu to illustrate the gift of Gemini. We also dive into exploring how first we need to build a bridge with our own Inner Other. 

The Alchemy of Envy – Snow White and the Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moons are about reflection. In this episode we explore the Alchemy of Envy in the Taurus/Scorpio lunation through the lens of Snow White.

Cinderella and the self-care wisdom of the Moon in Taurus

Self-care is tending to the ‘unspokens‘. The Moon has much to teach us about how we can self-care, attend to our own selves. In this episode we explore the relationship of the Moon, Self-Care and also what we can learn from the Grimm’s version of Cinderella.

Beauty, Love and the Divine enter through the Wound

In this episode we talk about relationships and the heroine’s journey towards love. We also explore how our inner work with dreams and fantasies help us create and call into our lives better intimate relationships.

What do women want?

In exploring the New Moon in Aries, the union of Venus and Sun, and Venus Retrograde we dive into the age old question of “What do women want?”. Weaving the stories of two very different heroines, we explore how we can best make use of the lessons around Venus’ long stay in Aries.

The Spider, the Butterfly and Hestia got around the hearth

This episode is about the energetic dance of Virgo and Pisces, and how by tending to our own inner hearth, or in other words getting acquainted with our own inner Hestia, we are able to strengthen ourselves in the midst of this choppy collective sea. We also talk about Venus and her 40 days of ‘revision time’ around our values and our attachment to them.

The Craft of Grief in this Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Eclipses are thresholds to help us see beyond our veiled perception of our own lives. In this podcast we talk about the gift and shadow of Pisces/Neptune in our culture, and how the way through is inwards.

Inner work is also political

In times like this more than ever our inner work has collective repercussions, even if only to help us feel steady, sane and stable in the midst of crisis and liminal states.

On Fathers and Creatives as channels for change

In this episode we call out to the creatives and artists in our midst to help us navigate the big collective changes. We also start an exploration of the Father Archetype as experienced through these planetary giants: Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

Creating the container for our New Year

On this last New Moon of 2016, we have the opportunity to create the container for our dreams and visions for 2017. This powerful New Moon brings a great opportunity to harness not just our visions for 2017, but also to tend to our own inner fire, for this will be the well of strength and inspiration that will guide us forth. Also prominent in this New Moon is the revolutionary wake up call of the presence of Jupiter and Uranus too. This is just the beginning for a revolutionary 2017.

Stirring the Soul during this Mercurial Year-End

We are living in a twilight time between the dog and the wolf. But it’s this twilight time, this crack between the worlds that allows us to re-imagine, re-envision and re-member new ways of being in our lives and in the world. In this episode, I talk about the ancient twins of Castor and Pollux, of the wisdom of marrying the Senex and Puer, and how all of this is related to the Full Moon in Gemini and the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.

Of mirrors, reflections and journeys

The topic in this episode is the New Moon in Sagittarius and how it illuminates the times we are living in now. It’s about our initiatory journey into a brave new world, and how doing our inner work also has societal repercussions. Sagittarius speaks to our individual and collective journey into unknown territories, but also how the journey owns us, once we have stepped over the threshold and taken to the road. Plus the antidote to the times we are living in now, so the rise of fundamentalism is: imagination. 

Don’t let your inner gifts perish

In this two-parter episode, we cover the gift behind this Full Moon in Taurus, and then we share our interview with Els De Schaepmeester a Faster EFT Practitioner from Belgium (www.thehouseofhealing.info). This Full Moon calls us to review our own relationship with the gifts we have inside of ourselves and how we share them with the world. In the interview we talk about the role of curiosity in healing.

Meeting Our Inner Persephone

The upcoming New Moon in Scorpio is an invitation for us to connect with our own Inner Persephone. Weaving astrological wisdom and a retelling of the myth of the Abduction of Persephone to explore the deeper themes of the month of November.

The Marriage of Mars and Pluto – October 19-20

In today’s episode the focus in on the union of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn and the healing work that it invites us to undergo. Traditionally this is a union of great archetypes related to war, violence, but also wealth, deep transformative healing work and facing our individual and collective shadows. 

Full Moon in Aries – October 15-16

This has been the year of Mars, and this Full Moon in Aries is a culmination of how we navigate unexpected changes in our lives and how anger helps us towards making changes in our lives. Bulk up and get ready to be rocked. Change isn’t just coming. It’s arrived. 


Week of September 26 – October 2, 2016

Are we stuck in our old relationship stories? This New Moon in Libra is a doorway, an opportunity, for us to review our old stories from a wider perspective. We have the power to rewrite our story and reengage in the dialogue, starting by examining our own relationship with our own boundaries and ourselves.



Week of September 12-18, 2016

In honor of Jupiter’s entry into Libra, this is an extended – and expansive – episode. In the first half we dive deeper into the meaning of Jupiter in Libra, while also covering Mercury’s union with the Sun, and the Full Moon in Pisces.

The second half, it’s my interview with my long time friend Steve Delaney exploring our relationship with psychological astrology.



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