Mapping your Inner Landscape

The Power Session

Your birth chart is a map and a guide to your life’s journey. It reveals our life story’s themes, and and our developmental cycles – the ebb and flow of our hero’s journey.

This session is akin to a journey through the main sites of your favorite vacation destination. We will both explore your birth chart as if flying over it and gaining a bird’s eye view, gaining a wider perspective. But we can also choose to visit more closely a specific area that call for our attention.

This is a great session for when it’s your first visit to your Birth Chart’s geography and you are ready to move beyond your Sun Sign forecast.

It’s also a great session for when you want to gain a wider perspective and clarity at what stage of your hero’s journey you are moving through, because when we open ourselves to learning what our Birth Chart has to say, we gain a better understanding of our own life’s cycles.

No matter if this is your first time, or if you have had your chart done many times, this session is an insightful conversation with your own psyche, and the chart is map that will guide us.



This package includes:

  • A short pre-session questionnaire to help us both get prepared.
  • This is a 60-minute live session via Zoom.
  • A recording of our session emailed to you.
  • A copy of your Birth Chart and other subsidiary charts used during the session.