This is the deal – our dreams aren’t just our own, they also are messages to and from the collective. One example of this is our own movies.

The experience of going to the cinema, immersing ourselves in the darkness as we watch the story unfold on the screen, is also an experience of dreaming. So it’s vital that we look at what sort of dreams are being shown to us. (I have much to say on this front, but that will be for another day.)

One of the main questions I often get is from those who have a hard time remembering their dreams.

This is my experience and belief around remembering our dreams.

Dreams are messages from our Soul – call it unconscious, subconscious. Messages need to know that they are received.

Much like we send an email and then if we don’t hear anything, we send another ‘checking in’.

Dreams to the same… they will keep on coming until we give it notice that we are receiving them.

1) So start by placing a journal next to your bed. It sends the message to your unconscious/subconscious that you are making a place for the dream to be received.

2) Also set an intention before going to bed. Ask for a dream. Be persistent. It may take some time. So keep trying.

3) When you wake up, even if you don’t remember the ‘story’ of the dream, connect to the feeling tone you have woken up with, or perhaps connect to the feeling that the dream has left you with. Something that’s the thread we start with – the feeling tone. Write that down. Take that as a thread that will lead further in into your own dreamscape.

4) Don’t worry too much about dreams that come in the night. Sometimes we get too focused on that, and the anxiety of not remembering just causes a blockage. Instead expand your understanding of dreams to encompass your flights of fancy during the day, your daydreams. Explore those first. Start with the persistent visions, fantasies that you experience throughout the day. This will also send the message to your dreams that you are listening to the your soul’s metaphors.


Dreams are like a lover.

It’s best to seduce and engage in loving expressions of care before having sex. It’s about foreplay that is extended throughout the day, not just before the act of union.

Be loving to your dreamworld. Make room for it in your life. If you are waking up with very little time to run out the door, it will be harder to allow for some time/space for the memory to retrieve the dream.

Be welcoming to your daily fantasies, the metaphors that knock on your door throughout the day. Write them down. Record them in whatever way you like.

Like a lover, dreams need attention and the knowing that you have a space for them in your life.