We now have five planets in Capricorn – Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Sun, and Venus.

This is a lot of focus energy, nose to the grindstone, work and plan for the future. Remember the Legacy Mountain that Capricorn invites us to climb. It’s not just about your run of the mill ambition; it’s about leaving a legacy.

Another aspect of our yet limited understanding of Capricorn is that it has to do with ‘the’ establishment, the world order as it is. Reality principle and all that good stuff.

We are speaking of archetypal forces (or if you will – energy fields), and we see what is commensurate with our level of awareness and consciousness.

The more you know – the more you see in depth and layers. It’s like learning a new language. The more proficient you are, the better you understand the subtleties of that language.

Same with astrological archetypes. The more we engage with them, the more we see.

Where is this going?

When it comes to Capricorn, it’s about putting into practice the visions we had in Sagittarius. This can be as practical as making your goals’ lists and checking them off or diving a bit deeper into the structure and foundation of these dreams.

It’s become a regular discourse in the new age, light & love, law of attraction groups to say that we manifest what we envision.

In other words, we are great manifesters, and we should learn how to harness this power.

However, we are still surrounded by a fundamental missing link – working with our dreams to dream a new vision for the future. Because (why oh why!) are we still being fed dystopian stories how it’s all going to end in a heap of massive destruction?

Why do we still swing like a mad pendulum between trying to harness the law of attraction for our own material needs, but bypassing it when it comes to our worldview?

While many are answering the call to embrace activism at an efficient and real level, why not engage in DREAM ACTIVISM too?

Can we take our vision boards, our journeying to embrace working with the inner structures of the reality we are creating?

Remember – imagination – is IMAGE in MOTION. So what we imagine, what we feed this image, is what will grow.

So in this ‘battle’ (if you will) to create a new world, we have to start with the very images in our minds.

Perhaps we can form communities that are ‘dream pods,’ journeying groups to work on the etheric to bring in a new dream for our world.

Personally, I just can’t deal with yet another dystopian movie, or TV Show, because it only compels us to live out the stories we are fed. Because let’s face it, the vast majority of us are not focused enough with our minds not to feel swayed by what is supplied to us via the media.

With all this emphasis in Capricorn, we are called to embrace too another type of reality, see the STRUCTURE of the world we are living in, instead of just accepting without any inquiry what is fed to us.

Start with your dreams, your fantasies and visions for the world around you, your immediate community.

Join forces with others that are like-minded and form a group. Work creatively, because we need all the imagination power we can harness to turn this ship around.

Ok – off my soapbox now.

Now on to you.

How can you be a DREAM ACTIVIST?