The Deep Dive

Diving Deeper Sessions

A deeper conversation and exploration of where you are on your life’s journey

This 3-session bundle is an opportunity to explore in more depth and detail the relevant themes in your life, especially around your soul’s purpose, career (your livelihood), and how these two strong branches interweave in your life’s unfolding.

Issues around soul purpose and how it is weaved with our livelihood are often present when we find ourselves at a significant initiatory threshold in our lives.

At first during these thresholds there isn’t an external event knocking on our doors, but deeper questions are taking root inside.

For some, change is more like a slow brew; where outer events mainly serve as clues pointing towards the unfolding of a new path.

At other times, we find ourselves looking in the mirror and not recognizing our ‘old‘ selves, while a ‘new‘ us hasn’t fully bloomed yet. That’s when all comes into question:

Who am I?

What am I doing with my life aligned with my gifts?

It’s at times like this, when you are journeying through these liminal spaces, that focused deeper work is the help you need to gain a new perspective, pivot, and take courageous steps towards bringing forth all the spokes of your life’s wheel.

The structure of our work together will be determined by the presenting inquiry or issue you bring forth via our pre-session questionnaire.

I have found in working with clients that often the presenting issue (i.e. career, relationships, sense of purpose, birthing a new phase of life, etc.) are the doorways to a deeper inquiry that is related to others spokes of our life wheel.

Often these are intimately related to one’s inquiry around Life – Soul Purpose, Meaningful Livelihood, and the expression of one’s Full Life Wheel.

If these questions are brewing in your soul, this is a good time to dive in deeper.

I’ll serve as a mentor-guide in helping you see from a wider perspective the terrain of this liminal space.

The tools I’ll be using are grounded in archetypal astrology, in my background in counseling psychology and education.

Reach out if you have any questions. I’d look forward to journeying with you!



This package includes:

  • A pre-session questionnaire to help both of us get prepared. 
  • Three (3) 60-minute LIVE SESSIONS via Zoom.
  • A recording of all our sessions.
  • A copy of your Birth Chart and any other relevant charts, materials and personalized recommendations.

NOTE:  This is a 3-session bundle to be scheduled within a 30-day consecutive period.
The 30-day period starts counting from the day you place your order.  

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