Equinox is a time of transition and here’s how we can make the best of it.

After days of rain, today the sun is shining allowing for things to dry up just a bit before the start of Spring. I took this opportunity to go for a walk around my neighborhood. All around I noticed the tiny buds on the trees getting ready to bust through. Some gardens even have flowers blooming, a true sign that change is in the air.

I didn’t use to really care for Equinoxes or Solstices until I immersed myself more deeply in the symbolism of astrology. Before they just signaled a change in season, but now they mirror back to me a deeper symbolism of the archetypes. Now these buds aren’t just signaling the start of Spring, but a deeper readiness for blossoming in other aspects of life.

It doesn’t mean that we won’t have more cloudy days and even more rain – the weather forecast for this week is already all about rain, but at least it feels less oppressive.

The change of seasons is something that I now find truly miraculous and inviting because it’s an invitation for new horizons within oneself.

In the midst of this change of season, we are still doing the retrograde dance with Venus. She’s making her way back to the early degrees of Aries, and in doing so she’s getting ready to meet the Sun. It’s in this union of Venus and Sun, that a new seed is planted in our love garden.

Venus, relationships and retrogradation.

Venus has much to say about our relationships, but it’s not just about romance; it’s the relationship with that which we value. Relationships imply connection and (hopefully) balance.

That could be indeed with our romantic relationships, but it could be also with our connection to our work, to pleasure, to joy, to prosperity and the very things that make life worth living. She also reveals our own desire for harmony and fair proportion, which leads to beauty, because where there is beauty there is art.

Venus goes retrograde every 18 months, not as frequent as Mercury, but with enough distance from each retrogradation to give us a reason to pause. During her retrogradation phase, Venus ‘seems’ to slow down and move backwards as seen from the Earth. This occurs in a period of 40 to 42 days, during which halfway through she conjoins the Sun.

This fact is important on a few fronts.

First there’s the symbolism of 40 days. Jesus was in the desert for 40 days where he was tempted by the Devil with all the riches in the world. (Think 40 days, 40 nights.) Enough time for some serious review of where we stand with our values.

Then there’s the union with the Sun halfway through her retrograde journey. This union kickstarts a new phase for Venus. During this union, much like a new seed, something is planted in the dark. We can’t see Venus in the skies, but give it a few days and she will rise as the Morning Star (6 to 7 days after her union) renewed from her union with the Sun.

This is the beginning of a new phase of evaluation and action in Venus’s journey.

March 25 is when Venus will encounter the Sun in the early degrees of Aries (4 degrees of Aries) at 3:17 am (Pacific) / 6:17 am (Eastern).

Mark this date on your calendar and make an homage to this union.

So this week we are in threshold territory, where new beginnings are being initiated.

Equinox reminds us of the need for balance and equality – equal length of day and night. It’s the halfway journey between the Solstices and its symbolism of apogee.

Sun in Aries.

This week the Sun arrives in Aries and the energies shift from the dissolving and creative waters of Pisces towards the action oriented vibe of the Ram.

This may be a welcome to many who have felt wet through and through from the month long stay of Sun in Pisces. It’s the equivalent of arriving in dry land after a month in choppy waters. But it’s also an opportunity to put into action what has been dreamt up during the Sun’s long stay in Pisces.

What to do.

Take the first action steps towards a new goal that you have intuited during the last month. Perhaps this may entail taking a risky step, or going out of your comfort zone. However, the trick is to not expect immediate results from any action taken. Aries is known for its impatience, so it’s best to invest in ‘baby steps’ rather an all or nothing approach.

As for the union of Venus and Sun on March 25 – plant the seeds of action plan around something you value, love and would like more of in your life.

My personal experience of this Venus Retrograde has been to go back to the drawing table and reengage with one of my first loves: drawing.
I’ve created my coloring books (available now on Amazon), but I hadn’t taken up more commission pieces since early last year. So for the past several weeks, I’ve gone back to drawing birth charts that have been commissioned by clients. In drawing these unique birth charts, I remembered (now there’s a good retrograde word) how much I love drawing and creating a unique piece for a client. Creating these birth chart mandalas has helped me feel connected to my inner joy.

My Venus couldn’t be happier.

These are just some food for thought for you. Drop me a line and let me know how you are engaging with bringing more of what you love into your life. I firmly believe that if we could do more of what we love in life, we would have more of peace in the world. That’s the hope of my Venus to you.

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