Last night I attended a local salon where we meet monthly to discuss the intersection of creativity, business, and spirituality.

Yesterday’s topic was around our creative process and ability to manifest into a form that which arrives as ideas.

Astrologically speaking it made me think about the nature of Uranus/Ouranos (Aquarius) and the relationship between Saturn and Neptune.

My own experience of the creative process and the manifestation cycle is that ideas/thoughts are entities with a life of their own, and yet they are also ‘mine,’ in our ego-driven way of making it all about ourselves.

This makes me think about the mythology of Ouranos (aka Uranus) and Gaia.

Gaia, mother earth would lay with Ouranos – the sky god – every day. From their union would come the Titans, including Chronos/Saturn.

But he also had other children that were hideous to his aesthetic tastes, so he pushed them back down into Gaia’s belly, never to see the light of day.

Until one day, good old Chronos/Saturn used his sickle to castrate his own father and end this tyranny of birthing and refusal. However, Chronos/Saturn committed his own sin of in turn swallowing his own children so that they wouldn’t see the life of day either.

We can look at these stories as to how we can treat our own brainchildren – our ideas and also ideals.

Not all ideas are to be perfect ‘children.’ Some will flop at birth. Some will be stillborn. Others will grow to be unruly and demand much of us.

Others may change the course of our lives.

Aquarius – where the Sun/Mercury and Venus are still journeying through – is a sign that teaches us about ‘systems of thought and ideas.’ It’s about big picture visions, even utopias.

If you think of the time of the year that Aquarius arrives, it’s when we are still in the thick of winter (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), but also when Spring may send in its first emissaries of new life.

So there’s a visionary element to Aquarius that turns our minds towards the future yet to come. There’s also an element of wanting ideas to be ‘perfect’ because we are still experiencing them in their natural habitat – the world of ideas.

Remember Ouranos is a sky god, thus more comfortable in the world of spirit, rather than the world of form.

Gaia/Earth is here to teach us that to give birth to ideas, we need time, maturation, gestation, and yet there’s no guarantee that our ideas will be ‘perfect’ as their semblance in the world of idea.

This week Mercury – how our mind works and processes – is dancing with the South Node of the Moon. In other words, it’s a good time for us to objectively look at some of our ideas, take what may still be useful, but release it if it no longer serves us.

At the opposite spectrum, the North Node of the Moon (pointing to where our growing edge lives) is dancing cheek-to-cheek with the dwarf planet Ceres (aka Demeter in Greek mythology) – the point in our charts that guides us towards that which we naturally nurture or need nurturing. These two are in the sign of Leo, that beckons us to examine what is in our hearts.

So in short:

  • Not all ideas are worthing of being birth by us. At times we are not mature enough (as in we don’t have enough maturation) to be the mothers of these ideas.
  • At times, ideas will knock on our doors, but we aren’t ready to receive them. Other times, we welcome them with open arms.
  • What we can do is use the discernment of the heart by looking at our own levels of vitality around these ideas that come.
  • This weekend take an idea inventory. Be discerning in which ones you keep and which ones you chuck. Tell your ego to step back, so that it may be easier for you to release your grip.

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