Mars and Chiron, the cosmic Wounded Healer, are in a tight embrace, as they both swim the dissolving waters of Pisces.

It’s not a mere coincidence that as these two swim the oceanic waters of Pisces, we see a rise of confusion, anger and frustration on the world stage. Or perhaps it’s there all the time. But I beg to differ. It feels more confusing, aimless and with a strong dash of powerlessness.

Traditionally, Mars doesn’t care to swim in Pisces. It only makes his armor rust and sink to the bottom.

Chiron may do better, as the Wounded Healer and all, for it can be in touch with feelings of compassion. However, it’s best to use the healing call of Chiron towards each one of us learning what is our particular medicine to the world, thus sacrificing our own suffering.

Yes, that’s what Pisces requires of us – a sacrifice at its altar, so that we may gain more from something that is bigger than ourselves. The danger is that we get eaten, and thus ‘destroyed’ by this something bigger. Think mob mentality. Think artist/celebrity who is torn down by their own raving fans. Remember, Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, would strike his dissidents with madness.

Remember that both Chiron and Mars, although out of orb (aka not too close) to Neptune, they are still guests in his domain.

Squeezed between the Mars/Chiron embrace and Neptune lies Venus in all her amorous beauty. She seems to be there to remind us the power of mirroring for our own healing. Venus is known to carry a mirror to ‘admire herself’, and even her very glyph looks like a mirror with its handle.

As we navigate these strange times, where reality seems more like a Hollywood movie (by the way, cinema is under the rulership of Neptune/Pisces), we can easily get swept away by the mob mentality and its psychosis.

How can we swim these waters?

First remember, that Chiron connects us to a deeper wound and grief. The anger we see around is just another face, another mirror of a grief that has now swum to the surface, from the collective unconscious, and now demanding our full awareness. Add Mars to the mix, and we are called to take a deeper look at our own anger and its own relationship with grief.

One thing that Mars in Pisces is very good is diving deeper, it’s the best way to use its energy. Use symbology, dreamwork, art, and music to help you get closer to your own anger, because truth be told, your anger isn’t just your own, it’s part of a deeper layer that has now risen to the surface from deep within the collective unconscious. Now it presents itself so that we can transmute it. To stuff it back down will only delay the healing. Remember, Pisces requires us to sacrifice something, and in this case, we need to make a sacrifice of our anger so that we can heal.

If watching the news lately isn’t rising your blood pressure in anger, then look to aspects of your life where you may be feeling inert, resentful, jealous and behaving in passive aggressive ways. These are all clues that the embodiment of the Mars archetype is demanding your attention, and you can no longer stuff it down with alcohol, chocolates or any other form of escapism, all shadow aspects of Pisces.

This is where Venus comes to teach us a lesson on mirroring. The world out there is mirror to our own inner landscape. Your anger needs a hook out there. So whatever that hook may be stop and notice it. What is it about it? How does it grip you? Perhaps your envy or jealousy is really a call for you to turn your energies to bringing forth your own goals and dreams. Or the politician that makes your blood boil is not just revealing a piece of your own shadow, but also serving to wake you up from your inertia.

With Chiron and Mars in this tight embrace the theme of projecting your own unconscious aggression is very relevant, and it behooves you to turn that mirror inwards and see where your hooks lie.

On the plus side, this is a grand opportunity to be direct in our confrontation (not tactless though), be direct in a way that you are able to open thorny issues up to new possibilities, dispelling evasion, passive aggressiveness and confusion in all relationships. This can be very empowering for all parties involved, as long as we sacrifice our attitudes of win at all costs, but approach it from a win-win stance.

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