What do our addictions say about our needs?

What do our addictions say about our needs?

In a couple of hours, the Moon will move from Uranus’ awakening and electric embrace and settle herself in the comforting energy of Taurus.

She’s now Crescent, getting more prominent in the skies, and she will find grounding and persistent sustenance in Taurus.

Still, we have quite the glamorous party happening in Pisces with Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron. It’s akin to a Vogue spread exploding on the set of La La Land.

While the Sun journeys through Pisces we are not only invited to look to our dream world but also the darker corners of our addictions too.

Pisces is a complex archetypal field and one that our Western Culture has deep-seated challenges in comprehending. It’s about dreams, merging with the Oneness of it all, but it is also a reflection – water does reflect – of all that we have neglected and pushed aside or buried inside.

Our disease epidemics and our cultural addictions function like arrows guiding us to the very core of what is in need of witnessing, acknowledgment and acceptance.

Addiction is a complicated issue, but one that we are safe to say that we all have. It may not be drugs, the quintessential poster child of all that we think is an addiction, we know it can be seemingly less dramatic.

It could be an addiction to work, to receiving praise, to being a ‘good person’ in the eyes of another, of binge-watching Netflix and of escaping in whatever way we feel helps us deal with it all.

Human beings are funny that way. We have an uncanny ability to transform an instrument, which by its own nature wouldn’t be itself good or bad, and attribute to it other ‘magical’ attachments to it.

Let’s take Facebook and the smartphones for a second.

There’s been a slew of studies and articles around its less salutary aspects.

But we took a tool, and we have elevated to it to a ‘monster’ issue. We created a Gremlin that now we struggle to put back in its box.

What does this have to say about Pisces?

Well, Pisces connects us to the ineffable in our lives. It helps us see the magic inherent in something that may not seem magical, but it also teaches us about enchantment.

Now enchantment in fairy tales is the core issue that the hero/heroine needs to solve. They need to ‘break it’ so that all can return to normal.

The interesting thing about enchantment is that if it’s ‘evil,’ it’s like a possession. If it’s ‘good,’ it’s magical. Still, it’s something that isn’t revealing of what is really the truth.

Often the way through to ‘breaking’ the enchantment is to be aware of what is its core need.

What is the deep need that is striving to be met by the enchantment?

Now substitute enchantment for addiction.

What is the core need that the addiction is trying to fulfill?

Back to Facebook.

I see friends taking harsh methods to but the Facebook Gremlin back in the box and cut down their addiction. They are reclaiming an aspect of their sovereignty of mind. Admirable.

But the question remains: what does the ‘addiction’ to ______ (fill in the blank) serve?

Acknowledgment is a challenging thing to do. It requires looking something straight in the eye, in someways welcoming its presence at the dining table of your life.

It’s the ‘uninvited guest’ that indeed should have been invited and witnessed.

Remember the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty? She just wanted to be invited to the party, but because she wasn’t acknowledged all hell broke loose and we had a kingdom sleeping for a 100 years.

That’s the danger of the oceanic waters of Pisces. While you are playing at the waters’ edge, it may all be fine and dandy, but never forget that you are dealing with the ocean and it’s moody, powerful, and it has no qualms about enveloping you under its waves.

Mainly because we have such a dominant planetary party happening in this sign, this may be a good time to take a look at our addictions and the enchantment it holds over us.

Then let’s use Pisces very own imaginative powers to help us create a bridge back to a place where we can fulfill our needs, instead of being submerged by their unacknowledged parts as if under enchantment.

Dreams, our connection to our inner emotional waters

Dreams, our connection to our inner emotional waters

This weekend my yoga teacher said that we are chronically dehydrated society.

She was recommending us to up our water intake, but I could see a broader connection to the other places in our society where we are also dehydrated – our soul water.

Water is linked to emotions. In the tarot, it’s represented by Cups, and these are connected to water.

In Astrology, Water is the element for three very signs that reflect some of the broader issues we have as a society.

Cancer – our wounding around BELONGING – be it in our families, tribe, and most importantly our connection to the land where we come from. This is especially highlighted in countries where the vast majority of its own people have come from other countries, other lands.

Scorpio – our wounding around sexuality, desire and the more profound waters that run through it all. Mention Scorpio in any social gathering, you will hear all sorts of negative connotations come at you, even by those who don’t know much about astrology. Our culture’s need to negate our deeper emotions – anger, loneliness, desire, etc. – has exploded in violent acts that often stem from lack of ‘seeing.’

Pisces – our wounding around lack of spiritual connection. Pisces is perhaps the most misunderstood and mismanaged of signs. We love the glamour it offers us through fashion, film and theater, elements that fall under this imaginative sign. But we don’t know what to do about its needs around the ineffable.

Case in point:

As a culture that exalts our prerogative to follow our dreams, it’s ironic that we also suffer an epidemic of insomnia and disconnection from the water well of our dream world.

Many times I have had people want to tell me their dreams, only to dismiss them as ‘crazy,’ and turn away from looking any deeper.

Not all dreams are results of Taco Tuesday Dinner with spicy chilies.

I believe that dreams should be respected, even those we have in our waking hours.

Why not look at our daydreams? Our flights of fancy? Perhaps it’s a recurring fantasy that is playing out over and over in your mind?

Or even through the very medium of Pisces: film and TV. Look at the shows, movies that you are continually gravitating towards.

Are you binge-watching a show? Look to that as a form of a recurring dream. What is it about it that is calling you?

Last night I had a powerful dream, the kind that I haven’t had for years. It was so vivid that I felt utterly transported.

I looked at the chart for the time of the dream, and I saw that the Sun, now in Pisces, was aligned with my natal Moon. Big a-ha moment for me.

During this time that the Sun is navigating through Pisces, we have a collective call to re-engage with our inner water sources.

What hydrates your soul?
Water helps not only our bodies move, helps us have healthy joints (think Saturn here), but it keeps us connected to something that goes beyond the 5 senses.

This month if at all possible focus on your dreamworld. See what the images that show up, as crazy as they may be, are reflecting back to you.

Dreams are the fabric of our lives

Dreams are the fabric of our lives

“… Like dreams, inner fantasy too has the compelling logic of theater.” James Hillman

These words from the pioneer of imaginative psychology can help us navigate the Piscean waters as the Sun joins Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron – all in Pisces.

Ideally, I’d love to spend the month in which the Sun is in Pisces at an art retreat. Alas…

Still, there’s much that we can accomplish in our own inner worlds during the time that there’s a planetary party in Pisces.

I often think about how with each sign that the Sun travels through is an unveiling of a bigger story of our collective creative flow.

With Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac, we arrive at a stage of the journey in which we see the dreamlike feel of this play we call life. Shakespeare was on to something when he said that the world is a stage and we are mere players.

Throughout this month while the Sun swims the waters of Pisces we will explore more of this sign’s multilayered symbolism.

But let’s start with looking at how our dreams are the very fabric of our lives.

I invite you this month while the Sun dives into Pisces to explore your dream world – be it the dreams of when you sleep, but also your fantasies, your daydreams, even the stories (as in movies/TV Shows and books) that you find yourself gravitating towards now.

What might these be telling you about your life now?

This is an especially potent exercise to do when you are in a threshold phase, crossing the liminal space between your old self and the new life that beckons.

Lastly, humans are story people. We love stories so much that we have created a vibrant industry around it. More importantly, we know at a core level that stories not only teach, illuminate and guide, but they are also our own way of serving in the world. No wonder we are gripped by someone’s transformational story. That’s why we are still gripped by the old stories, myths, and even fairy tales.

It’s in the alchemy of the story that we intuitively find reassurance about our own journey of playing out loud our stories as service to the betterment (hopefully) to the world.

Navigating our emotional waters

Navigating our emotional waters

The Moon has now joined Venus and Neptune in the oceanic waters of Pisces, while Sun and Mercury dance cheek-to-cheek in Aquarius.

The mind may still be electrified, still having the after effects of the buzzing energy of the New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse.

We have journeyed through the wormhole of eclipse season, and we are not the same.

We may look the same on the outside, but deep in our cells, something has shifted, although we can’t see it yet. We may feel it, but it’s not all out, however.

New Moons are like births – it’s there, but we really don’t know what that tiny ‘baby’ will turn out to be.

Now that we are wading through the waters of Pisces, with the Sun arriving in Pisces this Sunday, we have to turn our attention towards our spidey-senses – our sensibilities, our empathic skills and also our imagination and grief.

While in Aquarius it’s easy to get very fixed in our ideas of how the world should be, very much akin if you had woken up and had been made Sovereign of the World and only your opinions mattered.

With the waters of Pisces, we are invited into two very different camps, although we may be able to merge them.

On one end we may want to escape from the jagged edges of it all. Bring on the booze, the drugs, whatever is the escapism that is to our liking. (Netflix, alcohol, and chocolate for some!)

On the other end, we are called to actually take stock of how your sensibilities are working and what self-care would really be helpful to oneself and others.

We don’t stop at our bodies. That’s just the first threshold into our wider merging with the world that is us and around us. Much like the Argentinian poet Antonio Portia says in the quote in the picture – our veins are invisible.

But they are there.

Think about water – it dissolves, it softens, it can also overwhelm and drown.

These are all adjectives that also refer to Pisces.

Yet again, we read the headlines to find ourselves overwhelmed at the collective grief that in its unacknowledged state turns violent and destructive.

So in our own ways, let’s turn towards tending – as a gardener would – to our garden of sensibilities and empathy.

It’s not about being a martyr, victim or woe-is-me-I-can’t-do-anything-because-I’m-too-sensitive.

It’s about having the courage to digest – for the lack of a better word – these emotions – yours and also collective. Because we aren’t just feeling our own impressions, our invisible veins also capture the world around us.

That’s both the challenge and the gift of PISCES, especially when the Moon – our emotional self – and Venus – our relational self – are both in PISCES.

Escapism may be a seductive siren and at times even self-care. But give some allowance to actually letting the feelings ride through your body since it’s our bodies that process these energies.

Our ability to feel, yes the emotional messiness that Aquarius is so challenged by, is our human superpower, once we are courageous enough to understand and work with it really.

Out of grief comes a renewed sense of real sovereignty.
Our sensibilities are our way to SENSE the world as it speaks to us.

Numbing it only good for a short period of time so that we may not be overwhelmed by pain. But at some point, the siren’s call will only lead to us destroying our ships on the jagged rocks.

Be gentle with yourself and tread carefully with others. Sensitivities are heightened especially after the wild ride of Eclipse Season.


A new electric frequency – New Moon in Aquarius

A new electric frequency – New Moon in Aquarius

In a few hours, we have the New Moon in Aquarius with its side dish of a partial Solar Eclipse.

I’m already from friends that they are feeling ‘electric,’ struggling to sleep and with their thoughts racing and ricocheting through their mind.

In other words…. there’s an electric buzz around.

I woke this morning thinking about how the signs are stages of development in a story.

The Moon is our masterful storyteller, because she travels through all the signs during the month, carrying forth the story with her.

The Moon is the container that drives the story forward.

Today she is in her sacred marriage embrace with the Sun, being witnessed by Mercury, our archetypal messenger.

In other words, we can look at this configuration and ask ourselves – what message is being delivered?

Now think about this: Aquarius follows Capricorn – this archetypal and energetic field that teaches us about the structures and foundations that make this physical world possible.

So in Capricorn, we learn about navigating this physical, 3D world with more efficient and focus. At least that is the hope.

Then we move into Aquarius, this archetypal field that teaches us about the electric synapses that transform our grey noggin of a brain into a receptor of thought entities – cause let’s face it, thoughts do have a life, and I’ll dare say a consciousness of their own.

Aquarius teaches us about the nature of thoughts, systems of ideas, and the power of a fixed, rooted, (why not say it too – stubborn thought) that has the power to create change and transformation in the world.

Being that it’s the last AIR sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is here to teach us about the power of the mind as a creatrix.

But we also know how our minds are a monkey’s playground. I often think that harnessing my thoughts is akin to herding cats.

Still, it’s a New Moon accompanied by a Partial Solar Eclipse. We have a bit of peek-a-boo into something that has been partially revealed, while another part is partially hidden. I find eclipses to be cosmic peek-a-boo play.

When setting your intentions for today just know that these new seed ideas have a life and consciousness of their own. Thoughts are entities – they need nourishment, they transform and live beyond our life in this physical world.

Come Sunday the Sun will move into Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, the place where all the rivers meet in its oceanic cauldron of dissolving and creation.

In short, after this already long post, Aquarius with its lessons around thoughts as entities is the penultimate sign possibly because the mind is a hard mistress to please and discipline.

But come to Pisces we are beckoned to surrender to something bigger than ourselves. Here all thoughts dissolve and merge again into Cosmic Oneness. But we will come to this chapter of the story later on.

For today, notice the electric frequency of your thoughts and how they shape your day, your reality.

For more on Aquarius, check out my latest podcast episode on this New Moon: http://bit.ly/2nVV8yX

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