Hi, I’m Vanessa Couto.

Artist, Astrologer, and Teacher.

My core belief is that we are all midwives to each others’ dreams.

I’m passionate about helping individuals who want to live a full wheel life, weaving together all the spokes of their life’s wheel.

I believe it takes enormous courage to claim our unlived lives and answer the call to adventure towards our life’s purpose, especially as it weaves with our livelihood. This is a heroic journey that often requires help along the way. My purpose here is to serve as a guide on your journey, helping you see the connection between the inner and outer, as well as, the above, so below.

In my work as teacher, artist, and astrologer, I weave archetypal astrology, depth psychology, mythology, and art. These are my tools to help my clients in broadening their understanding of their life’s story, their inner landscape and how it all connects.

Let’s Journey Together

Liminal Journeys Courses on:

Business, Life, and Relationships

Each of these PRE-RECORDED COURSES weave astrology, mythology, and psychology to help you gain a new perspective in various areas of your life.

These are pre-recorded courses that you can watch at your own time. They are also unique, and upcoming live classes on the horizon.

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Until then, come and check out these courses to get you started on your journey.

Liminal Session

Mapping your Inner Landscape

In this RECORDED REPORT the aim is to uncover the central themes of your birth chart, your growing edges, and how to best make use of the energies of now to help your journey forward.

Not matter if this your first time, or if you have had your birth chart done many times, this report is an insightful guide to help you gain a different perspective and clarity at this stage of your life’s heroic journey.

Diving Deeper Sessions

A more in-depth conversation and exploration of where you are on your life’s journey 

During the Diving Deeper sessions, we will journey together for 3 LIVE SESSIONS scheduled within 30 consecutive days, to explore in more depth relevant themes around your soul’s purpose and career (your livelihood).

The focus of this 3-session bundle is to help you gain perspective, pivot and take steps towards one of life’s sacred inquiries: Soul Purpose and how it weaves with your ability to birth a more meaningful livelihood that takes into account the expression of all spokes of your life’s wheel.  

Temenos Art

Bringing your Birth Chart Mandala to Life 

There’s something extraordinary about having a personalized art piece that captures the essence of your Birth Chart Mandala.

It makes it come alive with color and vibrancy. It’s also a symbolic reminder of your heroic journey in this life.

Each piece is meticulously designed to invoke the central themes of your Birth Chart Mandala – your Temenos the holy ground of your psyche.

Temenos Art is a unique package when you want a personalized art piece that is aligned with your soul’s story as represented by your Birth Chart. It’s also an excellent gift for a loved one.

Watch the creation video below on the making of the Temenos Art Mandalas.

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