Hi, I’m Vanessa Couto.

Astrological Coach and Artist.

I believe we are all midwives to each others’ dreams.

I’m passionate about my work with individuals who want to better understand who they are, while learning how to navigate the thresholds in their journey towards birthing a richer and more purposeful life.

By weaving elements from astrology, depth psychology, dreamwork, mythology and art into my coaching approach, I help my clients broaden their understanding of their life’s story, and view the path ahead with clarity and confidence.

Life is a journey, and your astrological chart is your road map.

Why not learn its message?

Let’s Work Together

Mapping your Inner Landscape

The Power Session

During this session we journey to uncover the main themes of your birth chart, your growing edges and how to best make use of the energies of now to help you on your journey forward. This is a great session for when you need a new perspective, clarity and action items for this moment in your life. Typically, we focus on a presenting issue (i.e. career, business, relationships, etc.) and journey through the birth chart to help you gain clarity, feel empowered and aligned with yourself.

This is also a great session for returning clients who want a semester or annual update.

Aligned Business Branding

Using astrology to create an aligned business brand

Did you know that your own birth chart can also serve as your own Branding/Marketing kit?

It will also show you where you can best tap into your gifts and use your growing edges to help you move forward your business.

During our session, we will work with your own birth chart to tap into its ‘inner marketing committee’.

This power session is ideal if you are starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, and you need some clarity on your business ideas, but also how to best align your business with your soul’s purpose.

It’s also a great session if you already have a business, but you feel that something isn’t aligned, and that you lack resonance.

In our work together, we will use astrology to help you delineate a clear and aligned branding and marketing strategy for your own business.

Deep Dive

Astro wisdom to illuminate the threshold crossing

During the Deep Dive, we will journey together for 3 months (90 days), to help you cross your own transformative threshold, and birth a NEW YOU.

A threshold experience often isn’t a clear cut experience.

More often than not, it’s a slow brew, where events around us point to a change in the air. Other times, we may find ourselves looking in the mirror and not recognizing our ‘old’ selves, while the ‘new’ hasn’t quite arrived yet.

At times like this, astrology, dream work and a reframing of our story are tools that help us gain new footing, see events from a wider perspective, and it is also a major confidence booster.

The Deep Dive journey is about gaining a deeper understanding of your story, and how you can best navigate moving from the ‘old’ you to the ‘new’.

During these sessions, astrology will light our pathway, as we weave in psychology, dream work and art.

Art by Nessa

Symbolic astrological art to brighten your home

There’s something very special about having a personalized art piece that captures the essence of your birth chart.

It makes it come alive with color and vibrancy. And it’s a symbolic reminder of your own heroic journey in this life.

Each chart design in meticulously designed to invoke the main themes of your birth mandala.

Vanessa is like the smart gal’s guide to life and the universe.

–Linsday Pera
The Mystics Society

Vanessa is very wise and communicates with empathy and clarity.

–Trish Alexander
Certified Yoga Instructor

Vanessa is nothing short of genius.

–Alexis Saloutos
Founder of Chakredy

Conversations with Vanessa leave me feeling nurtured and balanced.

–Pramilda Zackariyas
Life Purpose Coach

Vanessa’s compassion and knowledge make her a great astrologer.

–Connie H.

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